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Asbestos Consultancy

We offer bespoke data export mapping in to Client Asset Management systems. We provide Independent advice and support for all of your asbestos needs & topics, alongside assistance in maintaining compliance with CAR 2012, asbestos awareness training and asbestos report familiarisation sessions.

Asbestos Surveys &

Management Surveys

A management survey is the standard survey. Its purpose is to locate, as far as reasonably practicable, the presence and extent of any suspect ACMs in the building which could be damaged or disturbed during normal occupancy, including foreseeable maintenance and installation, and to assess their condition.

Refurbishment / Demolition Survey

A refurbishment and demolition survey is needed before any refurbishment or demolition work is carried out. This type of survey is used to locate and describe, as far as reasonably practicable, all ACMs in the area where the refurbishment work will take place or in the whole building if demolition is planned. The survey will be fully intrusive and involve destructive inspection, as necessary, to gain access to all areas, including those that may be difficult to reach. A refurbishment and demolition survey may also be required in other circumstances, eg when more intrusive maintenance and repair work will be carried out or for plant removal or dismantling.

Combined Management & Refurbishment Survey

More suited to domestic environments. The ‘combined’ survey has evolved as a targeted refurbishment survey of specific rooms due for refurbishment, in addition to capturing asbestos management data for remaining areas of the site that are outside the scope of refurbishment works.


Re-inspections of existing asbestos survey data for each site. Often conducted annually or bi-annually. This is a compliance driven activity to monitor and assess the state of existing ACM’s located on each site by providing an updated Asbestos Register and Recommendations.  

Asbestos Laboratory

In-house UKAS Accredited Laboratory with no hidden charges or additional fees for samples. All sample analysis is included within the survey fee quoted

External service for Clients wishing to outsource samples to a UKAS Accredited Laboratory

Participation in the Asbestos in Materials Scheme (AIMS), for performance testing

Asbestos Management Plans

Creation of bespoke Asbestos Management Plans tailored to Client needs.

Critical reviews of existing Asbestos Management Plans.

Assistance in complying with your Asbestos Management Plan.

Asbestos Removal Specifications

The provision of Asbestos Remedial Scope & Specifications.

Assistance in tendering for Asbestos Remedial works.

Review of Asbestos Removal Contractor Method Statements & Plan of Works.

Asbestos Removal
& Analytical Support

•  Four stage clearances
•  Smoke Testing.
•  Reassurance Air Monitoring
•  Background Air Monitoring.
•  Leak Testing.
•  Participation in the Regulatory Inter laboratory Counting 
•  Exchange (RICE) for proficiency testing. 

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