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Established in 2001, GBNS Partnership Limited is a leading Asbestos Consultancy delivering asbestos compliance and testing services throughout the UK. The Organisation specialises in Asbestos Surveys/Inspections, Bulk ID Sample Analysis, Air Monitoring & General Consultancy Services, all in compliance with our UKAS ISO 17020 & 17025 Accreditations.  

Sectors We Work Within


GBNS has extensive expertise in this area with numerous projects in this challenging area. In most cases the delivery of an asbestos survey is second in importance to the ability to attend site and access all areas required. We will always look to build a relationship with the client or end user so that we can ensure the best possible inspection. We have worked across a wide range of facilities including Doctors’ surgeries to large London University Hospitals.


The transport sector is diverse, and we have been fortunate to deliver services on some flagship projects, namely HS2 where we delivered a full site inspection and survey over Christmas break. This project was highly Demanding in relation to safety and access issues when working in a ‘live’ depot


Whilst New Build Construction projects do not normally require an asbestos consultant the existing structures and land that they develop may have had an historic issue. Refurbishment of older buildings always requires an asbestos survey. We specialise in these types of works and some of our biggest clients are in the Construction sector. As a general rule; buildings constructed post 2000 will not normally require an asbestos survey.


We have delivered many large-scale surveys and projects in this arena, including Hotels, Departmental stores, Warehousing, Restaurants and other related Retail operations. We have developed working patterns to reduce the invasive nature of these works.


Asbestos in the education sector is one of the biggest issues the UK faces with many facilities from Universities to Primary Schools facing a problem with no funding or expertise to manage. This is often detailed within media campaigns and reports. GBNS is constantly working in the Education sector where we have numerous direct clients and partnering arrangements to deliver Asbestos compliance. One of our existing clients is a London Borough for whom we manage annual re-inspections of their education portfolio. We also deliver direct to many ‘Academy’ status schools.

Social Domestic Housing

One of our biggest markets and one of the most challenging sectors. These projects require fast responses and a ‘right first-time attitude’. Works in this sector are broadly reactive and planned works of high volume or rapid response. We retain many clients in this sector based on ability to deliver the services both in a timely manner and to the highest quality, whilst remaining competitive. We believe our strength in this market is our attitude towards customising bespoke exports of asbestos data from our internal systems for upload into many Clients own Asset Registers.  

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