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GBNS Partnership is Extremely Proud to be Marking Our 20th Anniversary in 2021

It is particularly gratifying to be celebrating this anniversary as the future for the business looks so bright. To all our employees, customers, stakeholders and friends – I thank you for your continued commitment to GBNS Partnership Limited. Here’s to another 20 fantastic years.

Our Mission, Vision & Values

GBNS Partnership Limited’s Mission is to provide the best possible services to our clients to enable them to remain Compliant. Our vision is that every client has complete faith in our offerings and remain long term partners. Our Values are based on Integrity, Quality & Trust.


Our Integrity is based on the following principals, Total Honesty, we have an obligation both morally and legally to tell the truth and to ensure we report anything that may affect the safe operation of any part of our or our client’s business. We treat all clients the same regardless of workload and profitability. Show respect, be considerate and courteous to people, understand differing perspectives with regard to age, race and cultural differences and aim to treat everyone with kindness and respect.


As an Accredited Testing and Inspection company, Quality is at the centre of everything we do. We invest heavily in the Quality Management and Control of every accredited activity. Our ethos is to be the very best at what we do rather than be the biggest. We will always try to meet our client’s expectations and where necessary give advice if this course of action is not the very best option.


Trust is having confidence in the fairness and reliability of a person or organisation. Trust is also a value that defines our interdependence in relationships, personal or professional. Trusting someone is a choice we make towards them when we are inspired that they have either earned our confidence or are by some other means worthy of it. It is difficult to gain, and when broken even harder to redeem.

Our Promise to Our Clients

GBNS was acquired by new owners in 2017 with a desire to develop and improve on an existing quality driven business with a proven track record and unblemished Health, Safety & Claims history. It is our intention not to grow exponentially beyond a size where personal relationships and delivery are compromised. The Management Team have in excess of 50 years combined Asbestos Consultancy experience and will always provide our full range of services compliant with current legislation and with the Customers’ needs in mind.

We Provide Safe & Reliable Testing of Asbestos

GBNS offers On-Site and Main Laboratory analysis of suspected asbestos materials in both bulk materials and ambient air. The facilities offer immediate reliable results supported by full UKAS Testing accreditation.

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Services We Provide

Asbestos Consultancy


Surveys & Inspections

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Asbestos Laboratory Testing

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Asbestos Management Plans

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Removal Specifications

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Removal Analytical Support

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Surveys &
Management Plans to Work Around You

All our Inspection services are designed to meet the client’s needs. Surveys to reflect the Management of a premise or portfolio, or Surveys to display potential issues surrounding proposed refurbishment or demolition works.

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